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| Jon M. Barnwell  9:30, 2017-307 Guard. of NLC, P. Booker, NO REPORTER
9:45, 2017-5-AD, A. Shah, NO REPORTER
10:00-10:30, 2017-217 Henderson v. Henderson, G. Thompson, REPORTER
10:30-4:00, 2015-314 Est of Pittman, V. Wade/T. McGee, REPORTER

| W.M. Sanders  Greenwood
10:00am- 2014-30 (Tallahatchie Case)
1:30pm- 2017-2 (Tallahatchie Case)

| Catherine Farris-Carter  10:00am No. G16-009 (Jeffreys/Crull)

| Jon M. Barnwell  9:30, 2016-21-12 Est of McClelton, G. Hollowell, Det. of Heirs, NO REPORTER
9:30-11:30, 2017-38 Shipp v. Young, Gaines Baker, REPORTER
1:15-2:15, 2007-20 Snyder v. Whitten, R. Harlow/E. Owens, REPORTER
2:30, Liz Davis

| W.M. Sanders  Cleveland (ex parte)
9:30am- 2016-0008

| Jon M. Barnwell  Leflore Ex Parte
9:30-10:00, 17-cv-0011 Brown v. Brown, K. Pulley, REPORTER
10:00-10:30, G16-0022 Weathers v. Weathers, K. Mills, NO REPORTER
10:30-11:00, 17-cv-328 Ball vs. Ball (Coa), A. Shah, NO REPORTER
11:00-11:15, 17-cv-90 Moore v. Moore, P/S Div., NO REPORTER

| W.M. Sanders  Greenwood
9:30am- 17-cv-121

| Catherine Farris-Carter  9:30am No. 2017-210 ID Div
9:30am No. (A Thomas) "CALL ONLY"
9:30am No. 2017-015 (L Graves)
9:30am No. 2017-163 (J Cox/T Jeffreys)

| W.M. Sanders  Greenwood
9:30am- 2017-362 (Coahoma Case) **CRN** All Day

| Catherine Farris-Carter  
10:00am No. 2016-0052 (M Darby/B Vance)

| W.M. Sanders  Clarksdale
9:30am- Child Support Court

| Catherine Farris-Carter  9:30am No. 2017-078 (D Hopson/K Littrell)
10:00am No. 2009-598 (A Thomas/M Miller)

| W.M. Sanders  Marks
9:30am- 2017-080
10:00am- 2016-020 **CRN** ALL DAY

| Catherine Farris-Carter  
9:30am No. 2017-065 (Carr/Morris/Thomas)

| W.M. Sanders  Greenwood
9:30am- Child Support Court

| Jon M. Barnwell  State Holiday

| W.M. Sanders  Veteran's Day

| Catherine Farris-Carter  10:00am No. 2017-065 (V Dorsey)
10:00am No. 2016-114 (J Powell)
11:00am No. 2017-076 (K Pulley)

| W.M. Sanders  Cleveland
9:30am- 2014-0229 **CRN** ** ALL DAY**

| Catherine Farris-Carter  

| Jon M. Barnwell  9:30-5:00, 2017-0322 Knight v. Knight, G. Thompson/B. Luckett, REPORTER

| W.M. Sanders  Greenwood
9:30am- E16-0080 **CALL ONLY**
10:30am- 2010-29 (Tallahatchie Case) **CRN**
11:00am- 2016-099 (Coahoma Case) **CRN**

| Catherine Farris-Carter  
9:30am No. 2015-0226 (J Cox) *CALL ONLY*
9:30am No. 2017-149 (T Jeffreys) *CALL ONLY*
9:30am No. 2016-241 (R Johnston/W Johnson)

| Jon M. Barnwell  Bolivar 1 Term

| W.M. Sanders  Greenwood
9:30am- G16-0108 **CRN** ALL DAY

| Catherine Farris-Carter  
9:30am No. 2017-182 (G Thompson)

| Jon M. Barnwell  9:30, 2017-081 Pryor v. Pryor, ID Div., NO REPORTER
9:45, 2017-084 Morgan v. Morgan, ID Div., NO REPORTER

***Unavailable before 1:30***
2:00-2:30, 2017-079 Guard, M. Roy, NO REPORTER

| Jon M. Barnwell  9:30, 2017-0189 Est of Baines, P. Kossman, Det of Heirs, NO REPORTER
9:30, 17-cv-66 Smith v. Smith, P/S Div., NO REPORTER
9:45, 17-cv-122 Robinson v. Robinson, P/S Div., NO REPORTER
10:00, 17-cv-125 Jones v. Watkin, P/S Div., NO REPORTER
10:15, 17-cv-123 Lucas v. Lucas, P/S Div., NO REPORTER
10:30, 17-cv-127 Givens v. Givens, P/S Div., NO REPORTER
10:45, 17-cv-129 Brown v. Brown, P/S Div., NO REPORTER
11:00, 17-cv-130 Anderson v. Anderson, P/S Div., NO REPORTER

| W.M. Sanders  Clarksdale (ex parte)
9:30am- 17-0119 **CRN**
10:30am- 2015-533
10:45am- 2015-534
11:00am- 2015-535
11:30am- 2017-AD-6

| Jon M. Barnwell  Quitman Term

9:30, 2017-081 Pryor v. Pryor, ID Div., NO REPORTER

| W.M. Sanders  Greenwood

| W.M. Sanders  Greenwood

| Jon M. Barnwell  State Holiday

| W.M. Sanders  Thanksgiving Holiday

| W.M. Sanders  Thanksgiving Holiday

| Catherine Farris-Carter  
10:00am No. GN2016-0052 (M Dabar/B Vance) *TUNICA*

| W.M. Sanders  Greenwood

| W.M. Sanders  Clarksdale
9:30am- 2017-303 **CRN**
9:45am- 2017-304 **CRN**
10:00am- 2017-316
10:30am- 2017-346 **CRN**

| Catherine Farris-Carter  9:30am No. 2017-035 (D Tisdale/C Webster)
9:30am No. 2017-294 (D Tisdale)
11:00am No. 2001-532 (A Shah)
1:30pm No. (C Lott/D Hopson)

| Jon M. Barnwell  
9:30-12:00, 2016-0245 Johnson v. Dunbar (Bol), A. McDaniel, REPORTER (Waiting for a New Date)

| Jon M. Barnwell  9:30-5:00, 2012-310 Est of Florence Cannon Larson, R. Warrington/A. Shackelford/L. Lewis/G. Jacks/G. Dyer, Close Est, REPORTER

| W.M. Sanders  Marks
9:30am- 2015-153 **CRN** ALL DAY

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