7th Chancery Court District of Mississippi
Master Docket - Today is
( 15 found for July. )       
| Catherine Farris-Carter  9:30am No. 2017-134 ID Div
9:30am No. 2016-364 ID Div
9:30am No. 2017-044 (P Kossman)
10:00am No. 2016-072 (B Ajpacaja)
10:00am No. 2017-037 (K Pulley)

| Jon M. Barnwell  9:30-5, 2016-0195 Daniels v. Richards, J. Campbell/D. Hopson, REPORTER

| W.M. Sanders  Cleveland
9:30am- 2015-0081 **CRN** ALL DAY

| Jon M. Barnwell  9:30, 2017-088 Est of Abraham, R. Tyner, NO REPORTER
9:30-10:30, 17-AD-09 MA 17-AD-08 AA, R. Tyner, Adoption, NO REPORTER
10:30-10:45, 2017-024 Est of Sheila Jones, A. Shah, NO REPORTER
10:45-11:00, 2015-098 Est of Russell, W. Chaffin, NO REPORTER
11:00-11:15, GN2017-45 Campbell v. Manues (Tun), P/S Div., NO REPORTER

9:30-11:30, 2014-623 Est of Dabbs, D. McMullen/D. Dees, REPORTER (Waiting on New Date)
9:30-10:30, 17-235 Broom v. Broom, C. Webster, Temp. Hearing, REPORTER

| W.M. Sanders  Cleveland
9:30am- 2015-0081 **CRN** ALL DAY

| Catherine Farris-Carter  9:30am No. 2016-625 (Jimison/Chamoun/Walker)
10:30am No. 2017-179 (R Corneius)
11:00am No. 2005-647 (P Booker)

| Jon M. Barnwell  10:00-12:00, 2014-0134 McNeer v. McNeer, J. Levingston/L. Johnson, REPORTER

9:30-5:00, G16-0127 Martin v. Martin, S. Howell, REPORTER (transferred to CFC)

| W.M. Sanders  Tunica
10:30am- Child Support Court **CANCELLED**

| Catherine Farris-Carter  9:30am No. 2017-054 (P Kossman)

| Jon M. Barnwell  Leflore Ex Parte
9:30, 17-cv-80 Skutley v. Skutley, P/S Div., NO REPORTER
9:45, E17-0015 Est Gary Daves, R. Oakes, Heirship, NO REPORTER
10:00-10:15, E16-0080 Est of Manuel, 17-pr-28 Est of Bonner, L. Abraham, Det of Heirs, NO REPORTER
10:15, G16-0154 Gentry v. Gentry, J. Hoover, ID Div., NO REPORTER
10:30-11:00, 2016-37 Est of Morgan, T. Reynolds/A. Greenwood, Conference, NO REPORTER
11:00-11:15, Charlie Baglan

| W.M. Sanders  Greenwood

| Catherine Farris-Carter  9;30am No. 2017-169 (H Morris) *CALL ONLY*
9:30am No. 2016-241 (R Johnston/W Johnson)

| Jon M. Barnwell  9:30, 2015-155 Est of Johnny Moore, R. Roy, Det. Heirs/Close, NO REPORTER
9:45-10:45, 2010-0419 Keenum v. Prestridge, B. Tarpley/A. Shah/C. Turner, Mot. to Compel, NO REPORTER

9:30-5:00, 2016-562 Est of Purvis Hill, Jr., M. Harris/R. Griffin, REPORTER (WMS case)

| W.M. Sanders  Greenwood
9:30am- G17-0018 **CRN**
1:30pm- 2017-15 (Tallahatchie) **CRN**


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