7th Chancery Court District of Mississippi
Master Docket - Today is
( 19 found for January. )       
| Catherine Farris-Carter  10:00am No. 2017-062 (J Manlove)
10:00am No. 2017-096 (L Jones)
11:00am No. 2017-078 (D Hopson/K Littrell)
1:30pm No. 2013-355 COA (R Landrum)

| Jon M. Barnwell  Bolivar 2 Term
9:30-12:00, 2017-0292 Sampson v. Jones, B. Atkinson/C. Smith, REPORTER

| W.M. Sanders  Tunica (Term)

| Jon M. Barnwell  9:30, L18-0004 LS, A/D, NO REPORTER
9:30, 2017-370 Peete v. Peete (Coa), P/S Div., NO REPORTER
9:30-5:00, 17-CV-0087 Christman v. Bacon, S. Witty/K. Pulley, REPORTER

| W.M. Sanders  10:00am 2015-097 Petition to Determine Heir ship- Clarksdale *continued*

11:ooam 2016-124 Closing an Estate - Clarksdale **CRN**

12:00pm 2014-046 Sale of an Estate *CRN*

1:00pm 2013-371 Motion for Temporary Relief *CRN*

| Jon M. Barnwell  9:30-5:00, 2015-057 M. Roy/H. Kelly, REPORTER

| W.M. Sanders  9:30 am; Atty Cox; Akon v. Akon; 2017-0318; *CRN*
10:00am;17-cv-151; complaint to remove a lien judgment; Atty Oaks

| Jon M. Barnwell  Bolivar Ex Parte
9:30-10:00, 2015-5 Est of Aaron Eugene Thompson Jr, B. Atkinson, Open Est, NO REPORTER

| W.M. Sanders  Tunica
10:30am- Child Support Court

| Jon M. Barnwell  Leflore Ex Parte
9:30, 17-0056 Est of James, E. Henson, Close Est, NO REPORTER


| W.M. Sanders  Greenwood

9:30am Cause No: 17-PR-72

| Catherine Farris-Carter  

| Jon M. Barnwell  9:20, 2017-39-2 Est of JW Moorman (Tall), T. Reynolds, Det of Heirs, NO REPORTER
9:30, 2012-065 Wood v. Albritton, S. Howell/G. Baker, NO REPORTER
9:30, 2017-68 Sparks v. Sparks (Tall), P/S Div., NO REPORTER
9:30, E15-0131 Est of Essie Greenleaf, J. DiLorenzo, NO REPORTER
9:30-5:00, 2017-38 Shipp v. Young (Tall), G. Baker/K. Shipp, REPORTER

| W.M. Sanders  Greenwood

10:00am G17-0022 **CRN** ALL-DAY

| Catherine Farris-Carter  
9:30am No. 2012-278 (A Cox/E Wilson)

| Jon M. Barnwell  9:30-10:00, Anderson v. Harris, J. Dulaney/L. Jones, Status Conf., REPORTER
10:00-12:00, 2017-434 Martin v. Martin, B. Luckett, temp hearing, REPORTER

| W.M. Sanders  9:30am 2017-18-2 Contested divorce (Tallahatchie county case) *CRN*

| Jon M. Barnwell  9:30-12:00, G16-0022 Weathers v. Weathers, K. Mills, REPORTER
1:30-2:30, Pope v. Reed, M. Meeks/M. Ferguson, REPORTER


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