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| Jon M. Barnwell  
10:00-11:00 AM- Tunica Co., GN2010-41, Braxton v. Whalen, R. Stan Little, Jr. Atty. Angela R. Boisseau

| W.M. Sanders  Tunica
10:00am- A-190
11:00am- 2011-57

| W.M. Sanders  Tunica
10:05am-2011-39-Court Reporter Needed. Continued from June 06, 2011.***Request All DAY**

| Jon M. Barnwell  9:30-9:45 TUNICA, 2008-74, Estate of Bobbie J. Sherron, Sappenfield, NO REPORTER
10:00-11:30 TUNICA, GN2010-55, Davis v. Davis, B. Selden/L.A. Darby, REPORTER
11:30-12:00 Quitman, A2010-1, Adoption and Guardian ad Litem Appointment, ATTY Ryals
CONTINUED-1:00-2:00, TUNICA, 2010-32, Goff v. Goff, ATTY Jones and Pittman, NO REPORTER
2:00-2:30-2008-110- Esate of William Hall, ATTY CHUCK GRAVES, NO REPORTER
2:30-3:00 GN:2010-15 Estate of Shelbie Jean Goff, ATTY Dulaney, NO REPORTER

| W.M. Sanders  Tunica
10:30am- HS-99-0046-Court Reporter Needed
11:00am- 10478
11:30am- GN2011-93

| Catherine Farris-Carter  Tunica Chancery Term Begins

| Jon M. Barnwell  TUNICA Term
9:15-9:30- ATTY Dulaney, NO REPORTER
9:30-9: 45-2011-706 Conrad v. Conrad (Earl v. Earl), ATTY Cheryl Webster, NO REPORTER
CONTINUED (AGREED)9:45-10:30, 2008-91, Talla 1, Blaylock v. Blaylock, ATTY Solinger, REPORTER
10:30-11:00- 2011-0262, Ware v. Ware, ATTY Helen Morris, NO REPORTER
11:00-12:00 2011-102 Tunica co., Guardianship of Acey, ATTY Chuck Graves, NO REPORTER
12:50-1:00- 2011-95- Guardianship of Wellington, ATTY Wes Ryals, NO REPORTER
1:00-5:00, TUNICA, 2010-32, Goff v. Goff, ATTY Jones and Pittman,REPORTER

1PM-Marks- Judge Montgomery- 2011-106-Phipps v. Scipper, ATTY Pittman (Victoria 5630411)

| W.M. Sanders  Tunica
10:30am-2010-05-Court Reporter Needed
11:00am- GN2011-53

| Jon M. Barnwell  TALLHATCHIE 2 TERM
9:15-9:30- G9-2011-070- Estate of Ewing, ATTY Dulaney, NO REPORTER
9:30-12:00 TUNICA, GN2010-55, Davis v. Davis, B. Selden/L.A. Darby, REPORTER
1:00-1:15 Gn2010-106 Estate of Morton, ATTY TOmmy Tucker, NO REPORTER
1:15-1:30 GN 2011-111, Estate of HILL, ATTY Chapman, NO REPORTER

1:30-2:30-GN2009-90, Horton v. Horton, (Modification), ATTY LORI SOLINGER , REPORTER

| Jon M. Barnwell  BOLIVAR 1 TERM

10:30-11:00- 2011-102- Guardianship of Acey, Chuck Graves, REPORTER
4:00- 2008-25-2- MOrris (Baker) v. Morris, ATTY John H Daniels, Talla. (Telephone hearing)

9:30-10:30 2010-26- Estate of Wilborn, ATTY Greg Morton, NO REPORTER

| Jon M. Barnwell  TUNICA TERM

9:30-10:30- G9-2009-36- Estate of James Childers and Clowers, ATTY Brenan Horan, NO REPORTER

**CONTINUED-AGREED**6:00-5:00, TUNICA, 2010-32, Goff v. Goff, ATTY Jones and Pittman,REPORTER
10:30-11:30- Frasier v. Frasier, via Lee Woodard setting

| Jon M. Barnwell  TUNICA DAY

9:30-9:45- GN2005-158- Estate of Paul Battle Jr., ATTY Andy Dulaney, NO REPORTER
9:45-10:00- GN2011-131- Harris Conservatorship, ATTY Tommy Tucker, NO REPORTER
10:00-10:30- Validation of Tunica Co. Schools District, Atty Tisdell, NO REPORTER

| Jon M. Barnwell  NO SUMNER

10:30-11:00 Gn2009-68 -Estate of Everlean Jones,Atty Dulaney, NO REPORTER
11:00-11:15- 2011-131- Harris Guardianship, Atty Tommy Tucker, NO reporter

9:30-10:30- 96-0078- Frazier v. Frazier, (Contempt) ATTY Richard Ryals, NO REPORTER


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