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| Jon M. Barnwell  CHARLESTON
9:15-9:20- BUTCH SCIPPER- Carpenter Estate
9:20-9:30- Talla- 2011-25, Rico v. Rico, ATTY
9:30 AM- 5:00 PM- (ALL DAY TRIAL), Charleston, 2008-73, Busby v. Busby, L. Solinger, Reporter

| Jon M. Barnwell  CHARLESTON
9:15-9:30- 2011-28-2-Assoc. Home Eq. Servinces inc. v Olive, ATTY. Mark McKay, NO REPORTER
CONTINUED-9:30AM-10:30AM Charleston, 2010-91, Theresa Jones Cook v. James Craig Cook Sr, Atty Stewart Guernsey (Divorce)
10:30AM-11:30AM, Talla. 2006-73, Carey Doyle McCluskey v. Mary Candace McCluskey, motion for modification, ATTY Chris Tabb
CONTINUED-1:00-5:00: 2009-62, Talla. 1st, White v. White, ATTY SANDERS, NO REPORTER

| Jon M. Barnwell  CHARLESTON
**Continued**9:30-11:30- 2010-42-2, Talla. 2, Adams v. Moore, Atty. Padgett, NO REPORTER
11:30-12:00- 2011-53, Talla. 2, Patterson Estate, ATTY Winston Thompson, NO REPORTER
1:00-2:00- 2002-71, Albritton v. Wolfe, ATTY Allen Lancaster, NO REPORTER
2:00-5:00 Unavailable / Dent.

| Jon M. Barnwell  TALLAHATCHIE 2 TERM
9:15-9:30 Cause No.: 2010-162Eddie Lee Ellis, Jr. v. Rogena Williamstine Hentz , NO REPORTER
9:30-12:00 2010-372, Greer v. Greer, , ATTY Padgett and Hopson REPORTER
11:55-12:00: Estates and Conservatorships or Spenosa- Atty Bill Sanders, NO REPORTER
12:00 Linda Monty v. David Vaughan Cause no. 27,838 Coahoma County (set via email by Lori Sollinger)
1:00-2:00-2010-0117 (Leflore)- Lacy v. Gary, ATTY Mary Brown and Chuck Edwards,REPORTER
2:00-2:30- 2011-35, Atty Gail Barton, NO REPORTER

| Catherine Farris-Carter  1:30 p.m. (Charleston)

| Catherine Farris-Carter  10:30 a.m. (Charleston)

| Jon M. Barnwell  COAHOMA TERM


1:00-2:00- 2011-78- Pittman v. Pittman, Atty William Sanders, REPORTER
2:00-3:00- 2011-69 Johnson v. Porter, ATTY Sanders, REPORTER
2:30-3:00- Set by Judge Gail Barton- Estate of Musselwhite

9:30-12:00- 2009-62, White v. White, Atty Sanders and Gaines Baker, REPORTER

| Jon M. Barnwell  TALLA. 1 TERM

9:30-9:45 -211-54, Shannon v. Shannon, Pro Se Divorce, NO REPORTER
9:45-10:00-2011-71- Watson v. watson, Pro Se Divorce, NO REPORTER
10:00-10:15- 2011-74- Curry v. Curry, Pro Se Divorce, NO REPORTER

| Catherine Farris-Carter  Charleston - Ex Parte 9:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

| Jon M. Barnwell  NO SUMNER

9:30-10:00- 2008-61- Estate of Clements, Atty Fondren , NO REPORTER
10:00-10:30-2010-91, Cook v. Cook, ATTY GURNSEY, NO REPORTER
10:30-10:45- 2011-48-2Fane v. Fane, PRO SE DIVORCE, NO REPORTER

10:45-5:00- 2009-62(Rest of the Day trial) White v. White, ATTY Gaines Baker and William Sanders, REPORTER

******* Reserve small court room for Judge Dixon / workers comp*****

| Jon M. Barnwell  NO CHARLESTON- need to call about justice court ***
9:30-5:00 ALL DAY TRIAL- 2007-86- Douglas Mauldin v. Thomas Tranum, ATTYs al Weslum and Ralph Chapman, REPORTER

| Jon M. Barnwell  Charleston
9:30-11:15- 2011-82, In matter of Appointment of Conservatorship of Peters, Atty Bill Sanders, REPORTER
11:15-11:30-2011-83- Leagy v. Leagy, PRO SE Divorce, NO REPORTER
11:30-11:45- 2011-52-Wilkinson v. Wilkinson, Pro Se Divorce, NO REPORTER
11:45-12:00- 2011-85- Towns v. Towns, Pro Se DIvorce, NO REPORTER

| Jon M. Barnwell  Charleston
9:15-9:30-2012-1- Hollis v. HOllis, Pro Se Divorce, NO REPORTER
9:30-5:00- (All day Trial) 2008-5- Rachel Ann Ross v. Ross and Ross; ATTY Liz Davis, REPORTER


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