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| Catherine Farris-Carter  
10:00am No. 2008-34-2 (Tallahatchie)

| Catherine Farris-Carter  COAHOMA

10:00am No. 2000-0866 (K Haney)
10:30am No. 2012-0133 (C Bennett)
11:00am No. 95-044 (M McCauley)

| Jon M. Barnwell  

9:00-5:00- 2005-0014- Murphy v. Anderson, Atty Dave Barbour,REPORTER
9:30-5:00 Tall. 2009-25- Gardner Estate- Atty Jay Westfaul, REPORTER (Jury)

| Catherine Farris-Carter  LEFLORE

10:00am No. G12-0128 (J HAWK)
10:30am No. G11-0097 (R HARLOW)
No. G12-0134 (R HARLOW)
11:00am No. 2012-83 TALLAHATCHIE-1 (W SANDERS)

| Catherine Farris-Carter  LEFLORE COUNTY
10:00am No. E12-0028 (W Perkins)
10:00am No. E11-0100 (W Perkins)
10:00am No. E12-0044 (W Perkins)
11:00am No. G12-0111 (K Mills)
11:30am No. 2006-0448 (K Povall)
11:45am No. 2012-020 (Coahoma)(D Hunt)

| Catherine Farris-Carter  9:00am No. 2012-0311 (J Collins)
9:00am No. 2012-0284 (J Collins)
9:30am No. 2012-0196 (H Moore)
10:00am No. 2010-0112 (J Levingston/C Powell)
1:30pm No. 2012-0178 (C Powell)


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