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| W.M. Sanders  Greenwood

| W.M. Sanders  Greenwood

| W.M. Sanders  Greenwood
9:30am-2011-43(Tallahatchie County)
9:45am- 2011-26-2(Tallahatchie County)
10:00am- E11-0012

| Jon M. Barnwell  9:00-9:15AM - L11-0082, Z.G., Drug / Alcohol Commitment
9:15-9:30AM - JM-L11-0111
9:30-11:00AM- GWD, E99-0052, Estate of Mary H. Hudson, E. Henson, REPORTER
11:00AM-12:00PM- GWD, G07-0034, Henry Weir, Jr. v. Tasha Weir, V. Dorsey, NO REPORTER
CONTINUE PENDING-1:00-2:00PM - GWD- DHS09-0018, Robert D Caruthers v. Mattie L. Delarosa, ATTY Trish Rogers, NO REPORTER
2:00-3:00PM GWD-go2-151 , Charlie Williams v. Verna Lindsey, ATTY Lee Abraham Modification of Visitation, REPORTER
3:00-3:30PM GWD-E07-0087 Estate of James Moser,ATTY Danette Rowland, NO REPORTER
CONTINUED-3:30-4:00PM G09-0098, MS Transportation v. Lee Abraham, Isenhood / Abraham, No REPORTER

| Jon M. Barnwell  NO CHARLESTON
9:30-5:00PM (All Day Trial)GWD, G08-0067, T. Ellis v. T. Ellis, T. Rodgers, REPORTER

| W.M. Sanders  Greenwood
9:30am- G11-0064
10:00am-G11-0016-Court Reporter Needed (Rescheduled)

| Jon M. Barnwell  Greenwood
9:30-9:45AM GWD- g10-0157, Earlene Wallace v. Orlanda Wallace, ATTY McDaniel, NO REPORTER
E10-0086 Matter of Guardianship of Shapora Higgins by Mason, ATTY Mcdaniel, NO REPORTER
9:45- 5:00 PM GWD - G10-0071, Crockett v. Crockett, ATTY Eric Hawkins and McDaniel, REPORTER

| Jon M. Barnwell  UNAVAILABLE
****Workers Comp-small court room***

| Jon M. Barnwell  Leflore Ex Parte
9:30-9:45AM GWD, G11-0055, Emily Love v. Robert B. Love, V. Dorsey, NO REPORTER
9:45-10:00AM GWD, G11-0063, Wade v. Wade, V. Dorsey, NO REPORTER
10:00-10:15- 2011-10AD, Adoption set by MC LAW
10:15-10:45- 2011-534- Guardianship of Howard, NO REPORTER
********Judge Montgomery- Greenwood v. Greenwood, 2003-39, ATTYS VANCE AND WALSH, REPORTER

| W.M. Sanders  Greenwood

| Jon M. Barnwell  
9:30-5:00 (ALL DAY TRIAL)GWD, G01-0190, Daves v. Nichols, R. Harlow/A. McDaniel, REPORTER

| W.M. Sanders  Greenwood
9:45am-2011-21-2 (Tallahatchie County)**NO SHOW**
10:00am-2011-0108-Court Reporter Needed (Bolivar County Case)

| W.M. Sanders  Greenwood
9:30am- G11-0073
10:00am-2009-0346 (Bolivar County Case)

| Jon M. Barnwell  9:15-9:30- E10-0139- Matter of Will of Biggers, ATTY Upshaw, Settle Doubtful claim of estate, NO REPORTER
9:30-5:00 (ALL DAY TRIAL) GWD, G01-0190, Daves v. Nichols, R. Harlow/A. McDaniel, REPORTER
12:00-1:30- MEETING

| Jon M. Barnwell  UNAVAILABLE

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