7th Chancery Court District of Mississippi
Master Docket - Today is
July 28, 2017 ( Friday )   
| Jon M. Barnwell  
Leflore Ex Parte
9:30, 17-cv-80 Skutley v. Skutley, P/S Div., NO REPORTER
9:45, E17-0015 Est Gary Daves, R. Oakes, Heirship, NO REPORTER
10:00-10:15, E16-0080 Est of Manuel, 17-pr-28 Est of Bonner, L. Abraham, Det of Heirs, NO REPORTER
10:15, G16-0154 Gentry v. Gentry, J. Hoover, ID Div., NO REPORTER
10:30-11:00, 2016-37 Est of Morgan, T. Reynolds/A. Greenwood, Conference, NO REPORTER
11:00-11:15, 17-pr-49 Margurita Baglan Clark, Charlie Baglan, open est, NO REPORTER
11:15-11:30, E15-0134 Guard of Hunt, Katie Mills, NO REPORTER

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