7th Chancery Court District of Mississippi
Master Docket - Today is
July 22, 2011 ( Friday )   
| Jon M. Barnwell  
Lee Out of Town
9:15-9:30- Estate of Selby, ATTY Bob Morris
9:30-9:45- GWD, G09-0196, Beachum v. Rowe, C. Swayze, NO REPORTER
9:45-10:00 AM- GWD, G11-0056, Smith v. Smith, NO REPORTER
10:00-10:30- GWD, A11-0005, Adoption MDH, Littleton, No REPORTER
10:30-10:45- GWD, G11-0053, Melton v. Melton (Pro se), NO REPORTER
10:45-11:00 GWD, E08-0112, Estate of Doris Askew, Angela Lariy, NO REPORTER
11:00-11:30- GWD, G10-0017, Lacey v. Gary, V. Dorsey, NO REPORTER
SETTLED 11:30-:12:00- G08-0107,Williams v. Williams, ATTY DORSEY and Schissel
1:15PM-1:30- GWD, E99-0052, Estate of Mary Hudson, Emminent Domain Motion, ATTY Ewin Henson, NO REPORTER
1:30-1:45 Tallahatchie 2011-4-2, Powell v. Powell, NO REPORTER
2:00-2:15 2011-0202, Bernita Smith Guardianship

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